Dear Ms. Sasse, let’s talk!

Takenaka has been active in the German market for over 45 years and has traditionally focused on Japanese and Korean customers. As a general contractor, we have offered architectural services as well as turnkey building construction. A Japanese proverb says that a rolling stone does not grow moss. It is in this spirit Takenaka strives to remain innovative. To find out how this is reflected in practice, read the interview with Maren Sasse, Key Account Manager for West Germany.

Editor: Ms Sasse, you have been working in the promotion team in Düsseldorf since October 2019. Could you please give us a little insight into your professional life?

Maren Sasse: First of all, it was important to understand what the company is all about and to define the exact objectives of the realignment. With this knowledge in hand, one of the main tasks was and still is to build a network. This includes, for example, attending events, real estate meetings and business clubs. Through project research I come across project developers, architects and companies with whom I get in contact and arrange personal meetings.

In order to structure the communication internally and with customers in the best possible way, Takenaka has introduced a CRM system. I had the opportunity to contribute my experience in sales to the implementation of the system and can now use it very well in my daily work.

Editor: What have been the biggest challenges for you so far?

Sasse: The Corona lockdown and all the problems that came with it. How do you build and maintain a network in times of lockdown and social distancing? The same applies to project generation, which currently seems to be much more difficult than a few months ago.

Editor: And the greatest achievements?

Sasse: Good sales work often pays off in the long term. In this respect, I consider every appointment where we get the opportunity to exchange ideas with potential business partners a success. One task was to prepare and submit an application for the construction of a large office building. I was particularly impressed by the way our Design, M&E, Construction & Estimation departments worked together. In close cooperation with the Japanese management, we presented our ideas to the client, and in the end we were able to convince them.

Editor: How do you imagine your future work at Takenaka Europe?

Sasse: For the future, I would like us to push the topics of sustainable building and timber construction even more strongly. Our Japanese parent company can demonstrate numerous innovations, and I hope that we will be able to adopt them to the German market.