Recently Takenaka Europe received a special honor: For the summer issue 2020 of the educational magazine “NATUR Wissenschaften” of the Friedrich Verlag, one of our projects was selected to teach children that buildings can also be built with rather unusual materials like paper and wood.

The Japanese pavilion, which we built for the EXPO in Hanover in 2000 is particularly well suited for such a task. Only paper and wood was used for the membrane roof of the over 2,000 m² large dome of the iconic building, which qualified the project as a reference for the educational magazine. The use of these materials is typical for the Japanese star architect Shigeru Ban, who designed the building. Especially at night, these materials could show its special charm, as interior light installations gave the pavilion a very special glow.

At the end of the five-month exhibition, the building, like all other exhibition buildings, had to be demolished. Therefore this particular project can only be visited using photographs.

Further impressions and information about the Japanese Pavilion, as well as more information about the educational magazine can be obtained here: