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History of Takenaka Corporation

A 400-year tradition, the foundation of Takenaka Corporation

Takenaka Corporation is Japan’s oldest architectural, engineering and construction firm. It has a long history rich in tradition that spans over 400 years. Takenaka Corporation has created a large number of Japan’s most prominent landmarks.

Since 1960, Takenaka Corporation has established offices in many countries around the globe. Over the years, it has been the recipient of many design, innovation and quality awards.


1610Tobei Masataka Takenaka, a shrine and temple carpenter, starts a business in Nagoya, Japan

1899Takenaka Corporation is established in Kobe, Japan, it designs and builds a building for Mitsui Bank

1912 Builds the Takashimaya Department Store in Kyoto, Japan’s first reinforced concrete building

1958Builds the 333 metre high Tokyo Tower in Japan

1960 Establishes the first overseas subsidiary in San Francisco, USA

1962 1st Prize in Design competition for National Theater in Tokyo, Japan

1973Establishes TAKENAKA EUROPE GmbH in Düsseldorf, Germany as the European Headquarters

1988 Completes the Tokyo Dome, Japan’s first large scale stadium with air supported-membrane roof

1992 Receives the Japan Quality Control Award

1993 The Takenaka Technical Research Institute is relocated to the new premises in Chiba New Town, Japan

1996Takenaka Corporation’s Tokyo Main Office receives the ISO 9001 accreditation for its quality systems

1998 Takenaka Corporation’s Tokyo and Osaka Main Offices receive ISO 14000 accreditation for their comprehensive environmental management systems

1999 Takenaka Corporation celebrates the 100th year anniversary

2008 TAKENAKA EUROPE GmbH receives ISO 9001 for its quality systems

2013TAKENAKA EUROPE GmbH celebrates its 40th Anniversary

Takenaka Europe - Offices

1973 Germany

1975 Belgium

1980 Spain

1983 Netherlands

1984 United Kingdom

1988 Italy

1983 France

1993 Poland

1994 Hungary

1996 Czech Republic

2000 Slovakia

2004 Romania